Our Services

As a newcomer into the energy services space, GRIT has looked to foster and develop new and lasting relationships with E&P companies across the Bakken.  As a new organization we are not hindered by legacy costs or egos.  In addition, we are nimble with an aggressive growth oriented strategy that is able to scale to each operators specific needs.  Currently GRIT has strategic expertise in:

Pipeline Construction Services

GRIT Energy Services personnel have a combined 100 years of experience having been responsible for planning and implementing the construction of over 200 miles of pipelines and gathering systems for oil majors such as Conoco Philips, Petro-Hunt, Marathon Petroleum, Continental, and others.

Pipeline Labor Services

GRIT Energy Services knows that the work doesn’t end when construction is completed. We offer services that will assist area operators in continued success and operation throughout the lifetime of their systems. With experienced personnel, the best equipment we can provide and the best possible labor forces to construct, repair and maintain everything required, from pigging and cleaning, to remediation and pressure testing, and anything in between.

Outsourced SWD Construction & Maintenance

GRIT has developed a vast amount of experience in the waste water disposal industry through the owning and operating of the Blue Marlin SWD #1, an ultra-high capacity injection well.  This well is located right in the middle of the Little Knife Field with major operators to the North and South of the facility.  We currently maintain a dedicated water pipeline that is currently disposing of more than 5,000 bblsw/day.  This disposal has given SWD Enterprises the opportunity to determine where the market is headed and how to stay competitive and still make a profit.  Our experienced human resources bring an excellent blend of talent to this operation and need no training to get started.

In addition to maintenance, our partners have been instrumental in the planning, construction and financing of SWD wells and have the experience to tackle both both brownfields and greenfields projects.

SWD Pumper Services

GRIT is currently actively operating SWD wells for major SWD disposal operations within the Bakken.  GRIT is capable of servicing, maintaining, and overseeing more complex projects including pipe removal, operating workover rigs, and conducting pressure tests to find and detect leaks.

Snow Removal & Road Maintenance

As long-time residents of the Bakken, GRIT knows the importance of making sure your wellpads are clear of snow in order for you to work safely and effectively.  As such GRIT is committed to helping you with your snow removal needs.

Safety Focused

We at Grit Energy Services Inc. strive to create a safe workplace. We conduct daily tailgate meetings as well as weekly and monthly safety meetings.  It is our belief that safety at the highest standard is something that requires constant vigilance and daily reminding. 

Our goal is to keep on top of safety policies and procedures in order to reduce the risk of work related incidents to our employees and clients. All employees of Grit are PEC/Safeland certified, basic first aid/CPR/and AED certified, and our employees are 100% certified to operate all specified equipment. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding the industry standards in regards to safety.

Below are our ISNet and Veriforce Numbers, and we encourage all who would like too to download and view our safety manual.

ISNet – 400-255502

Veriforce – 22927

GRIT Safety Manual